Yn ei anterth, yr OG oedd canolbwynt Corwen – lle cynhaliwyd nifer o ddigwyddiadau teuluol pwysig megis priodasau ac angladdau. Gwariodd llawer o drigolion Corwen â’u partneriaid amser yn y ‘bar gwaelod’ neu mewn digwyddiadau a gynhaliwyd yn yr OG. ‘Calon’ Corwen yw’r OG i raddau, nid yn unig o’i bresenoldeb ar Sgwâr y Dref ond yn y rôl y mae wedi’i chwarae ym mywydau cymaint o bobl leol dros y blynyddoedd.

Historically the building has its origins as a monastery in the 14 Century with parts of the existing building dating back to that period. Subsequent extensions and redesigns in 1740 and 1890 have led to the impressive building we know today. In the days of the horse drawn stagecoach the OG was an important coaching Inn along the now A5 route. Of the original 23 such inns it is now one of only seven still surviving. Add to this its importance as the home of the first public eisteddfod in Wales in 1789 and the areas links to Owain Glyndwr and we clearly have a building worth saving for its historical importance.

Mae tynged llawer o dafarndai fel yr OG yn peri gofid. Mae llawer yn cael eu prynu gan ddatblygwyr, heb unrhyw gysylltiadau lleol na diddordeb, sy’n ceisio trosi’r adeiladau yn fflatiau. Yn y pen draw, mae llawer wedi’u ‘bordio’ fyny pan gaiff caniatâd cynllunio ei wrthod. Dychmygwch yr OG wedi’i gau fyny! What a sad blight that would be in the centre of Corwen when the town ought to be thriving as the “Gatweway to Snowdonia”.

By purchasing the OG we ensure not just the future of the building but also ensure that it continues to serve Corwen as a social hub and as a focal point for tourists visiting the Town. We can develop catering and accommodation services, currently sadly lacking in the town, and ensure a regular program of events. As a ‘not for profit’ organisation, profits from the business can be used to support and develop other projects to the benefit of Corwen and outlying villages. The building itself can be made available for the use of clubs and societies and access improved so as to serve the whole community. With the tourist railway link into Corwen becoming a reality this is a perfect opportunity to boost the profile of the town and launch a new period of prosperity, reversing the decline of recent years.

We believe that a thriving ‘local’ is a key element to the future regeneration of Corwen and collectively we have the opportunity, right now, to invest in our own future, and that of the town as a whole, by clubbing together to buy the OG Hotel and ensuring its future.